Tips for Project Risk Management Success

The benefits of risk management are vast, yet for many projects, this is an area still commonly overlooked. By applying simple and consistent risk management techniques we can easily minimize the impact of potential threats as well as leverage potential opportunities. This not only ensures meeting the agreed scope, cost

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Invite good things into your life

How to Invite Good Things Into Your Life

How to invite good things into your life? Are you repelling good thoughts based on the fear of failing or being rejected? Everything we feel, whether we tell anyone about it or not, is communicated to the universe through positive or negative energy. What you communicate lets the energy of

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boost self-confidence

Boost Your Self-Confidence Now!

Boosting your self-confidence can help you take on anything life throws at you. Self-confident people are admired by others and inspire those around them. Boost self-confidence now and start doing these five things now! 1: Say NO to failure Don’t give up. Don’t accept failure. Pick yourself and keep going.

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education vs entertainment


It is always good to distinguish education from just mere entertainment.  Though you can have both which gives you a sense of balance. While entertainment gives the fun and excitement, education gives meaning and purpose.  If you can identify the difference between the two then you are so ahead of

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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

4 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

It isn’t always easy being an entrepreneur. You are often in business for yourself and by yourself, so it’s up to you to make your business venture successful. There are many successful entrepreneurs out there, and for you to join them, you need to know some of the characters these

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Extraordinary Ways to Market Your Business

Just started a new company? Well, first off, congratulations. You are well on your way of being a successful, independent person. But there’s just one thing: marketing. This is pivotal for being successful, and in order to give your company a leg up on the competition, consider these marketing tips.

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Strong Social Skills

5 Indicators That Someone Has Strong Social Skills

Whether you’re heading for a job interview, meeting a client, or chatting with a colleague, there’s one “make or break” factor at work: your interpersonal skills. Plenty of research has been done about the connection between strong social skills and career success—especially in a workplace that is only becoming more automated. Social skills are

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Tips for More Conscious and Innovative Body Language

Successful innovation is fascinating as it combines the best of intelligent thought with expressing it in a way that emotionally “moves” others into action. This combination is often a challenge as many gifted, technical innovators prefer to focus on ideas, software, and gadgets more than on people. The sales and

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The Most Common Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect between 13-18% of the general population, but the truth is we all experience different forms of anxiety throughout our lives. An anxious mental state is often defined by feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness, or dread. It is often future-oriented, meaning that our anxieties are directed toward possible

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