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4 Ways To Keep Your Man Interested

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Written by Don Adriano

When you first start dating, everything is unique. You’re getting to know this new person and they’re fascinating. The more you hang out, the more you get to like each other and the more you get to know each other, the more you click. After a while, though, you hit a bit of a wall. You know each other’s stories, you know each other’s scent and you know each other’s habits. This can get boring after a while and your man may become complacent. There’s good news, though! You can keep him interested, engaged and excited to see you again. Here are four ways to keep your man engaged and interested…

1. Take Up a New Hobby

This is actually beneficial to the both of you. You get to acquire a new skill that you’re interested in working on, while he gets to see a new and vibrant side of you. Picking up a new hobby will give you a lot more to talk about, from what you are learning to the new people you are meeting. Who knows? Maybe he’ll get interested too and want to join you.

2. Make Small Changes

He may not notice them right away, but small changes will intrigue him and get him sucked back in. You can do something as small as changing your perfume and makeup to something as big as cutting your hair. This will make him feel like he is with a new woman and will get him interested again.

3. Show Interest In His Hobbies

This doesn’t mean cling all over him next time he wants to watch football with the boys, but instead get to know what he’s into and try and become a fan. If he really likes the White Sox, start watching some baseball. Who knows, maybe you’ll get into it and become a fan yourself! You can catch a game and he can better explain the rules and players to you. This will give you something to bond over and may give you a new sport to follow.

4. Be Spontaneous

Part of the reason who you two have become so complacent is that you’ve fallen into the same old pattern. You get to know each other a little too well and your relationship and activities become predictable.

Try and break these habits and do something different…something new. Figure out when he has a three day weekend and buy plane tickets to a new and interesting place. Take him out for an impromptu date night. Buy some new lingerie to wear to bed. These all seem like small things, but they add up to make a big difference.

Part of the reason your man may be getting bored is that you’ve both fallen into a predictable pattern. Shake things up a bit! It’ll be fun and it will add a new dynamic to your relationship!

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