Top 5 Tips for Justifying the Use of Social Media

Written by Don Adriano

Social media has become an important part of business practice and it is very essential that business owners take advantage of the following helpful marketing tools if they ever want to take their business to a whole new level.

As part of the overall marketing procedure, social media can be a huge help in terms of increasing customers’ awareness of and recognition for your company. Aside from that, it can also decrease customer service costs, boost sales, and even make your business credible to your customers.

However, many small businesses these days are having a difficult time justifying the use of social media. The return on investment seems to be the first thought that comes to business owners’ minds. How do you justify the investment of money, resources, and time that comes with social media marketing?

Here are the top 5 tips for justifying the use of social media:

  1. Take a look at your customers. Know your target audience and find out how you will be able to set up your tactics. Prior to launching your marketing plans, you have to create objectives so that you know where to focus. Increasing brand awareness is very important and you have to get your customers involved with it.
  2. Utilize your expertise. Chances are high that your products or brand won’t go immediately viral after you put them on the web. It will take time. However, sharing the knowledge you have gathered through social media can help you and may go a long way toward increasing customers’ awareness of your brand. One good example is by making a series of YouTube videos that features some helpful tips or information about your products.
  3. Utilize social networking sites marketing. Twitter and Facebook are very popular social media networking sites that can help you generate potential traffic as well as boost your sales. You have to create a profile so that you can connect with your target market and friends.
  4. Do not self-promote. Avoid talking about yourself and your company all the time. People simply don’t care about that stuff. Share something valuable and informative with them to get them to trust you. Make it clear to them what you do, but never try to sell them anything. They will contact you when they are ready to buy.
  5. Interact with your audience. During an uncertain economic stage, transparency is definitely a big help in attracting and retaining customers. Giving your audience the scoop on your business blog is a good way to keep the communication lines open.

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