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3 Tips For Keeping The Fire Burning In Your Marriage

fire burning marriage
Written by Don Adriano

Falling into a daily routine in marriage can happen at any time after the wedding, whether a couple has been married for one year or ten. Couples may feel like there is not much of a spark anymore or that the excitement in their marriage is beginning to flat line. Once a couple gets into the routine of having a job and children, it can seem hard to make time for each other. Nonetheless, putting each other first should be a priority of any couple and there is always a way to keep the fire burning during the marriage. Here are some tips for keeping the fire burning marriage.

Make Time for Each Other

Whether you plan a date night every week, go on fun outings or take a class together, or plan some intimate time alone, remember to make time for each other.

Even if you are only able to devote a half hour to each other, make the effort to spend this time alone. Getting away from responsibilities, work, and children even for just a few minutes can mean a lot to a couple’s marriage.

Use what time you have to talk about your day and make sure to really listen to what your spouse has to say.

Go one step further and plan a special day trip or weekend getaway a few weeks in advance.

Ask a babysitter to take care of your children or take them to a family member’s house.

Use the mini vacation as a time to relax together and strengthen your bond with friends.

Sign up for a cooking class, go hiking, or do an activity you can both enjoy.

Plan a Surprise

If you want to do something extra special for your spouse, plan a surprise for them. This can be a weekend trip as mentioned above or a night where you cook a romantic dinner for the two of you.

Another surprise could be to give your spouse a small gift or token to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Do not feel like these gifts have to be expensive or big in any way.

If your spouse loves a certain type of cookie, make them a batch with a note saying, “I love you” or present them with a box of chocolates.

As long as your spouse knows that you are thinking of them, any gift will be much appreciated no matter how small.

Try to make these surprises as personal as possible.

If you know your spouse could really benefit from a day of relaxation, prepare a sweet-smelling bath for them or give them a message.

This will help them relieve some stress while also giving the two of you some much-needed quality time.

Express Your Love

There are many ways a married couple can express their love and gratitude for each other.

No matter how long a couple has been married, there is never a time when saying “I love you” is not appreciated.

One of the best ways to keep the fire burning in your marriage is to express your love for one another in the bedroom.

Spending intimate time together will strengthen your connection as a couple. You can also write love notes for each other to find as you get ready for work or if your spouse is going on a business trip.

Make the love notes short and sweet, and refer to specific things you love about them.

Think of how happy or appreciated you would feel if you got a love note like this and use that feeling to write something just for your significant other.

Keeping the fire burning in a marriage takes effort in order for both parties to be happy.

All couples are different, however, so work with what makes you happy.

If you continue to make the effort to express your love and make frequent gestures to keep the spark going, there will always be a fire burning in your marriage.

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