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The Ultimate Skill…For Improving Your Life and Career

Written by Don Adriano

The Ultimate Skill To Change

And Improve Your Overall Life…

…What Is It?

Dear Friend,

Is it really possible that there is a skill, an “ultimate skill,” that we can devote ourselves to learning, to mastering…that will reward us beyond our ability to comprehend?

And if so, what would that one skill be? Why not sit down for a moment, take a break with your favorite beverage, and consider this with me!

And let’s begin with a question, a question that can be a defining and life-altering question for you.

Here it is. . .

If you had to pick one skill, just one, to focus on and to develop for the next 6-12 months, what one skill would that be? What one skill could be the “leverage” that would easily allow you to develop all other skills? That would allow you to master what was relevant and necessary for your personal success and well-being. . .in each and every area of your life? That would ensure that you woke up each morning with a renewed passion for your life, and for those you love? That would change and improve…

路Your Health. . .On Physical, Emotional, Mental And Spiritual Levels

路Your Income and Your Financial Future

路Your Family Life

路Your Marriage

路Your Work and Your Career

路Your Time For Fun and Renewal

So, what skill would you choose to develop? Want a suggestion? I privately coach people every day who want to change and improve their life dramatically… and quickly. So this question is always on my mind!

The Ultimate Skill?

Consider this. . .my suggestion would be to focus on the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively.聽Why?

In short, because, in my personal and professional experience, all success and well-being rise and fall upon this one skill. Has that been your experience as well?

What would happen if you took your ability to communicate, consciously and unconsciously, to a level where those around you would find themselves drawn to you, to your ideas, and to your suggestions?

Now, this isn’t the time and place for me to emphasize the vital importance of communicating with the kind of power that comes only with wisdom and love! More on that later…fair enough?

Having said that, what would happen to you and to those around you…and what would happen to your overall life, if you went to a whole new level of communicating clearly, effectively, and, well, powerfully? What would change?

Truth is, everything!

How could everything not change?! In the most positive of ways. Imagine being able to change anything you want. Being able to improve anything in your life. That is what highly effective communication skills will do for you! By that I am speaking of your health, your relationships with your loved ones, your ability to earn the income you deserve, to garner that promotion, or to move into the work and career that you dream about, even if unconsciously.

Think about that one, because so many people are stuck in jobs they do not love. Partly because they think they don’t know what they want to do. Your unconscious knows.

Imagine Your Life…As You Want It

Now, back to imagining. Picture your life being how you want it to be – on all levels. Do you think that is possible, or are you already there? Very few are. And not because it is not possible, no, no, no, no. It is possible…very, very possible.

More than that, you can turn “possible” into “probable”…if, and when, you are willing to learn how to communicate on a level that most will never reach. Why will most never reach the level of communication mastery we are talking about? Simply because most will never be willing to invest themselves in mastering their ability to communicate with genius and power.

Step Out Of The Crowd

You, however, can step out of the crowd and move forward with a skill that will amaze and reward those around you, beginning with yourself.

How? On a practical level, what can you do, beginning today that will take your communications, consciously and unconsciously to a whole new level of effectiveness?

Two Keys To Revolutionize
Your Ability To Communicate
Effectively and Persuasively

For one thing, before you begin anything, such as a conversation with someone, a project, or any behavior…put yourself into a useful and resourceful state! That’s the beginning place. Period. Why begin anything if you are not in a state mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, that will allow you to successfully reach your outcome? All the time enjoying the process!

Anything less makes no sense. And if you don’t know how to do this easily and naturally, it can be learned. I teach this every day to children, adolescents, and yes, even adults! Admittedly, children are usually the easiest to teach, but adults can learn too. I know, because I did!

So, effective communication, persuasive communication begins and continues with creating and sustaining a useful and resource state for yourself. What’s next?

Make sure, really sure, that you begin with and are moving toward a “well-formed outcome.” What are you “aiming at?” What do you want as an “end result?” The more clearly you can see, feel and hear what you want and what you are going for, the greater the probability there will be in creating your outcome. There is much more to understanding and defining what a “well-formed outcome” is, and I will discuss that further in another article.

Now, we have two specific means to take our communication to the next level. Without fail. Why not put it to the test! And if you want to discuss what I have shared with you, or if you have any questions at all, just give me a call to say hello and let me know what is on your mind.

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Don Adriano

Founder & CEO of Freelionaire
Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Speaker and Mentor

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