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The Top 4 Mindsets That Will Sabotage Your Success

Written by Don Adriano

Have you ever met someone that has an amazing talent, but instead of capitalizing on it, they rather live a mediocre life working a boring, unfulfilling 9-5 job? Can you imagine a better ballplayer than Jordan, a better actress than Kathy Bates, a better motivator than Tony Robbins, a better cook than Paula Dean, or a better speaker than Oprah? Of course, you can! Talented and gifted people are everywhere! Unfortunately, these are the same people who choose not to share their talents with the world simply because they don’t believe in themselves, believe in their talents, or believe that they are capable of success. These same beliefs come from a sabotaging mindset that holds many people back from realizing their true potential and achieving unimaginable success. Many of us don’t believe that dreams can come true so we don’t chase them. Instead, we just conform and accept life the way it is. How sad is that? When I was working in ‘cubicle nation’, I was surrounded by people who had amazing gifts but did absolutely nothing with them. Instead, they rather waste their energy complaining about how unfair life is and how much they hate their jobs. Is that any kind of way to live? I think not! So, if you have ever wondered why success happens to others and not you, then consider if you have one or more of the following sabotaging mindsets:

The Limitations Mindset

This is one of the worst mindsets to have. This mindset is like a stop sign. Every time there is an opportunity to grow in some way, you subconsciously stop yourself from moving forward. Have you ever heard someone proclaim, “The sky is the limit?” Well, this is them saying that there is no limit to their success or what they can achieve. What a powerful way to think! People with a limitations mindset believe there is a limit to everything; the number of people they can serve, the amount of money they can make, the level of success they can achieve, etc. They believe that there is a limit to life and this just isn’t true. Your life is not a credit card, it’s an opportunity.

The Blaming Mindset

I think we all have come across those who blame any and everybody for where they are in life. They blame their lack of success on their childhood, a dysfunctional parent, their environment, their friends, etc. The list can go on and on. You see, people with this type of mindset will ALWAYS find something or someone to blame for THEIR actions and where THEY are in their lives. Having this type of mindset will prevent you from holding yourself accountable. If you don’t hold yourself accountable, then you can’t focus on improving, progressing, growing, or moving forward. Have you ever noticed that people with this mindset also seem to go with the flow of things? They don’t know what they are doing from one day to the next and always appear uptight with a chip on their shoulder. That’s because they are stuck in a rut of blaming and not claiming. Claim success today and leave the blames behind. Please repeat after me, “No one has control over my life but for me!”

The Entitlement Mindset

First of all, as an adult, you are not entitled to anything. This is another mindset that will get you every time. Usually, individuals with this mindset either grew up with too little or too much and they feel that the world owes them. These individuals sincerely feel that they are entitled to have whatever it is they want simply because they are them! Forget about hard work, sacrifice, and setting and achieving goals. They want what they want when they want it and will find the shortest way possible to get it. Yes, individuals with this mindset often look for shortcuts to success and in life. You can find them “marrying rich”, stealing from others, or lying their way to the top. Not only is this a sabotaging mindset, but it can get you into a lot of trouble, not to mention the greed and selfishness that comes with it. I’m sure you have heard about individuals who have achieved success, just to lose it because they got greedy. If you have this mindset, get rid of it immediately! Choose a humbled mindset instead.

The Complaining Mindset

Oh, Lawd! Boy, do I despise a complainer. Okay, we all do it, but some of us are obsessive complainers. PLEASE NOTE: People who are always complaining will ALWAYS attract what they are complaining about! If you don’t like your job, quit! If you don’t like where you live, move! If you don’t like where your business is at, reevaluate and do something different! But, don’t complain! Complaining keeps you focused on the problem and not the solution. If you are always focused on the problem, it will always be there. I use to work with someone who would complain about our clients. She would often ask, “Why am I always getting the difficult ones?” Well, because you are always talking about them! When you complain you attract what you DON’T want. Don’t be a complainer, be a problem solver instead.

In conclusion, if you have recognized yourself in any of the above sabotaging mindsets; please consider an alternative mindset to adopt instead. It can be done, trust me!

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