The Better You Plan, The Less TENSE, You’ll Be!

Written by Don Adriano

Although, being nervous and uncertain is normal and understandable, when we take the time and make a concerted effort to plan better and more effectively, in most cases, we become far less TENSEand more productive, and self-confident/proactive! Unfortunately, few people actually pursue and consider a variety of options and alternatives, and become better equipped to opt for the best path to choose and follow! This meaningful dedication and commitment are normally rewarding and enriching in terms of self-help, and personal growth! With that in mind, this blog will attempt to briefly consider examine, review, and discuss using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it matters.

1. Take time; tell truth; timely; time-tested: Avoid the tendency to be hasty and make a hasty decision when it might be wiser to take the time to examine options in detail! Tell yourself the truth because it almost always harms you, when you lie to yourself! It takes balance, a well-considered, timely action, and plans, with using time-tested knowledge, and expertise in order to become the best you can become!

2. Efforts; excellence; endurance; enrich: Avoid settling for good enough when it is far better to choose to demand your utmost degree of genuine excellence! Use your efforts effectively and maintain the endurance to keep up the good fight when lesser individuals often give up! Doesn’t it make sense, to consistently do everything possible, to enrich your personal existence in order to reduce your overall stress, etc?

3. Needs; nerve: Do you have the persistence and nerve to emphasize addressing your personal needs, priorities, and perceptions in order to make yourself happier, healthier, more satisfied, and far less, tense?

4. Stronger/strengthen; serve; solutions; sustainable; self: When we emphasize becoming stronger personally and trying to strengthen areas of our life when/where we may have weaknesses, it tends to serve the finest personal purpose and direction! Viable well-considered solutions which look at both relevant and sustainable potential ramifications, etc. enhance our self-satisfaction and ability to minimize undesirable forms of stress!

5. Evaluate; emphasis: Take the time to carefully evaluate what makes you happiest by conducting an objective introspective check-up from the neck-up! Align your personal emphasis accordingly!

If you want to be happy and reduce your personal levels of tension and stress, plan better and more effectively! Will you commit to the path you need to take for your self-interest?

About the author

Don Adriano

Founder & CEO of Freelionaire
Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Speaker and Mentor

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