The 5 Mindsets Of An Effective, Successful Worksite Wellness Program Coordinator (Got These?)

Written by Don Adriano

Mindset plays a huge role in worksite wellness programs. And you want to make the most use of mindset, correct?

One’s mindset reflects one’s beliefs about life, skills, intelligence, and personality and has a profound effect on the choices we make, which in turn of course impact our health, our accomplishments, and our success. You need to think about not only what you need to accomplish, but also how you think.

Effective leadership is about being able to take action and being reflective to think about current issues, problems, and where things might behead. Your effectiveness as a worksite wellness program coordinator is based on your ability to both act and be reflective. You need to find a way to effectively combine both action and reflection.

One way to accomplish this is to apply different mindsets for the different circumstances you encounter. Everything you need to address as a program coordinator is located between action and reflection and can be addressed by one of the following five mindsets:

• The Reflective Mindset

• The Analytic Mindset

• The Worldly Mindset

• The Collaborative Mindset

• The Action Mindset

The Reflective Mindset

In this time of fast-paced change, it is critical today that you take the time to stop and think. Your thinking also needs to be critical thinking. You need to stop and thoughtfully consider today’s events and experiences. Life’s experiences need to be digested, understood, and synthesized. Through reflection, the mind can make connections between various events and experiences. Reflection creates the opportunity for learning, creativity, and innovation to occur. Looking inward allows you to see outward better. Using the past to better understand the present can help better inform the future.

The Analytic Mindset

The analysis is critical to the field of worksite wellness. Everything we do should be data-driven. The foundation of every wellness program should be the analysis of the data gathered from a comprehensive organization-wide needs assessment. The analysis allows you to get organized and to drive your efforts. The analytic mindset probes deeply by addressing hard data, soft data, values, assumptions, and any number of other variables.

The Worldly Mindset

The worldly mindset is a big picture mindset. The picture is more than just wellness as a program, but wellness as a system integrated throughout the organization. The worldly mindset allows you to see wellness in many different ways and through a number of different lenses. The worldly mindset encourages you to read and explore ideas and concepts outside the field of worksite wellness. A worldly mindset also allows you to manage wellness within the organization as it interacts with the various different worlds around it. The worldly mindset also allows you to navigate the wide zone of employees, where each employee needs to be seen as the unique individual they are.

The Collaborative Mindset

Collaboration, like wellness, is all about relationships. Relationships and social support are critically important to successful lifestyle change and healthy lifestyle maintenance. Your role as a worksite wellness program coordinator is to collaborate with other employee benefit programs to facilitate employee engagement with the organization and in their own wellness journey. Wellness is not about doing things to employees. It is about doing things with and for employees. The collaborative mindset is about creating a workplace environment in which the employee and the organization can thrive. Engagement is based on collaboration.

The Action Mindset

Wellness is about action. Taking action to make changes and taking action to maintain the healthy lifestyles already adopted. Healthy employees and healthy organizations are built on action-taking. But remember wellness is not just about activities or action. Every activity should be chosen for a purpose that leads to the desired outcome. All action needs to be managed.

Effective and successful worksite wellness programs are dependent upon the successful integration of these five mindsets within the program’s leadership.

Mindset Matters

Mindset matters in the delivery of worksite wellness programs. I invite you to let me help you create your own effective, successful, and sustainable program. I specialize in mentoring worksite program practitioners and creating Done With You worksite employee health and well-being programs.

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