4 Quotes To Live By When Starting A Business

starting business quotes to live
Written by Don Adriano

When starting a business, you want to get advice from the best. I try to look at what some of the most successful people in the world have to say about success to give me new ideas and keep me motivated. In this article, I’ve given you the starting business quotes to live that will make you a better entrepreneur and a more successful person in general. I’m also going to break them down, one at a time.

1. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

“There are no easy ways, there are no secrets, there are no tricks…there is only putting in the work if you want to see the results. I know that I had to work harder than the next guy, take a few bumps and learn from those bumps in order to succeed!”

-Colin Powell-

2. Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.

“Nobody who ever made it big did so by doing what was easy. Not only is hard work going to get you better results, but you will also feel better when you are done. Nothing that’s handed to you is worth it and you’ll never truly appreciate anything that comes easy.”

-Theodore Isaac Rubin-

3. An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.

“If it comes time to start expanding your business, you are going to need to start hiring. This is the time to really pay attention and look for the right people. Your employees represent your company and can make or break your business. Be very careful who you hire and make sure that their values line up with yours. Don’t hire someone who is just there for the paycheck.”

-Dee Hock-

4. Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.

“Your customers are truly your key to success. If your customers aren’t happy, they’ll simply go somewhere else. If they are satisfied, on the other hand, they’ll come back time and again and even bring friends and family to show them what you have going on.”

-W. Edwards Deming-


Some of your best customers will come from referrals, which is why you always need to be at the top of your game. I hope these quotes inspired you! Good luck and listen to those who came before you to reach new levels of success!


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