4 Social Skills That Help You Achieve Success in All Aspects of Your Life

Social Skills Everyone Needs
Don Adriano
Written by Don Adriano

How you get along with others plays a big role in how far you get in life. There are certain social skills everyone needs that can help with relationship building—personal and professional.

Your ability to express yourself, be attentive to others needs, and communicate are important to all aspects of your life. You need these and other important skills if you want to be happy and successful.

What most people don’t realize is that social skills contribute greatly to personal success. These skills affect many areas of your life:

  • Professional
  • Educational
  • Spiritual
  • Your health 

There are four basic social skills that everyone needs to fine tune to be successful.


You’ve probably heard the old saying, “You catch more flies with honey.” This is very true.

When you’re nice, people are nicer to you!

No matter who is dealing with, it’s so much better to show off your good manners and be polite.

This includes acting appropriately for each situation and making that extra effort to be nice to others. Once you get into the habit of saying and doing nice things, they’ll just come naturally to you.


Patience is not a skill everyone has but should work on.

Stuff happens. Traffic jams, long lines at the market, computer crashes, and other annoyances are things you can’t control. So, instead of complaining and getting upset, take a few deep breaths and be patient.

Being patient helps to keep calm and deal with everyday problems. People appreciate when you show patience in any tough situation.


Carrying a grudge only leads to stress.

When you can forgive and let things go, you’ll feel better and it’ll improve your relationships with others.

Forgiving someone can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you:

Think about the other person’s actions—what would you do in the same situation?

Imagine a time when you were not forgiven—how did that make you feel?

Forgiving others is the strength. You are a stronger person for being able to let things go.


An honest person is more trustworthy, and if someone comes to you for an honest opinion you should give it to them.

But what about politeness?

It’s best to be honest in a polite way. If you have to give someone constructive criticism or tell them their hair color just isn’t right for them, be polite about it.

For example: If your friend’s new hair color seems all wrong just say, “The red is working for you, but you look beautiful as a blond.” This way you tell the truth and soften the negativity.

When you treat others well, they are more likely to treat you the same way. These skills can help you bond with others and build a trusting relationship at work and with family and friends. You can work on these skills and eventually they just naturally flow from you.

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