3 Small Things You Can Do to Become More Productive

Written by Don Adriano

As an entrepreneur working from home, it can be difficult to stay productive, but it may not be as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is find ways to make your day go smoothly so you can streamline your workday.

You may have heard that making lists and keeping schedules is the way to go, and yes these are some things you should be doing, but there are also some very simple changes you can make that will boost your productivity.

Go Back to the Basics

It seems that everything has gone digital. People send files digitally and keep track of schedule using their smartphone, but is this really a good idea?

Not really. Instead of using technology and a cell phone that is always with you to keep track of time, go old-school and use paper and pen.

You can buy a notebook or an actual planner, but just make sure it’s paper and you have to physically write it in and open it.

When you do things manually, like writing down to-do lists, it stays in your memory better if you take time to physically write it down.

Having an actual notebook makes is harder to ignore your lists. Go out-school and become more productive.

Write Down Everything You Need to Do…Even Eat!

When writing out all the tasks you need to do, include anything that takes up your time during the day. This includes:




Phone calls


If you keep a list of tasks and schedule everything, you’ll know how much time you have to complete each task and you can assign a certain amount of time to get it done.

Your time is important, so listing all you need to do helps you manage it better and stay more productive.

Start Small

While your list should be prioritized, you should try to put some smaller, less time consuming tasks at the top of your list. This way you won’t feel so intimidated when you finish up a task and see you still have a lot to do.

Get some of those small tasks out of the way quickly and this will make your list look a lot more manageable and help you keep going, so you stay productive.

Staying productive during the day when you’re working at home or on your own can be difficult. There are many distractions and you can easily get sidetracked, if you don’t have a way to stay on track.

Being organized is important and that’s what making out lists and schedules do. Just follow these easy tips, and you may be surprised how productive you’ll become.

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