Self-Esteem: 5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Written by Don Adriano

In the most basic terms, self-esteem is the opinion that you hold of yourself. It is marked by the level of respect, confidence, and self-assurance that you have; the self-image that you hold. For a lot of people, self-esteem is deeply connected to our appearance. When we walk by a mirror, most of us will at least glance at the reflection and have some sort of internal conversation:

• I look pretty good today
• I don’t look that great
• I look fat today
• My hair is a mess
• I have bags under my eyes
• My outfit is too wrinkled
• My teeth are pretty yellow, crooked, ugly, etc.

When you are getting ready for your day each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and find at least three things that you like about yourself. When you are feeling down during the day, go back to those three things. If you walk by any mirrors or reflective building during the day, instead of looking at the reflection and looking for imperfections; look at the mirror and smile at yourself.

If you find your self-esteem sagging, here are a few more tips to help boost your confidence and decrease your insecurities:

1. Do something new. Mastering a new skill is sure to build your confidence. Is there something that you have wanted to try for a while? Why not sign up for a trial class. There are many activities out there to choose from that are free; ranging from a month of free Karate lessons to a free month of tennis lessons. You just need to get out there and look. Surely there is something that would pique your interest that sounds fun to you and that would give you a boost in confidence.

2. Get out of your own head. Many people with low self-esteem spend too much time focusing on themselves and their own problems. They lead a “woe is me” lifestyle. The next time you find yourself having a lengthy pity party for yourself, find someone you can offer some help to. Look for a volunteer opportunity. Make a meal or some cookies for a friend at work or for a neighbor. Offer to take your sibling’s kids off her hands for an hour or two. The point is, find something to do that gets your mind off of the negative train of thinking that is going on in your head.

3. Make eye contact and smile at others. When our confidence is lagging we tend to avoid making eye contact with others. The next time you are feeling a bit down, pick at least three people to smile at during the day. You can even go one step further. When you are exiting the elevator at work, for example, wish everyone a great day as you get off. Chances are at least one person will smile at you and wish you a great day too.

4. Give others compliments and learn to accept them back. Taking a compliment can be a really hard thing to do. Watch your language. I don’t necessarily mean profane language- but watch the language that you use to describe yourself to others and the conversations that you have internally.

5. Go for a walk. A bit of fresh air makes most people feel better quickly. I recently was speaking with a neighbor who was feeling a bit down on herself because she smokes and is out of shape. Her main worry was that she wasn’t setting a good example for her young kids. She had started walking a few weeks ago a couple of miles twice a week. She said she hated doing it but felt much better afterward and was thinking that she might actually be able to run the two miles that she was walking in a couple of months. What a great accomplishment that would be. She said if she could do that, then maybe it would give her the confidence she needed to try to quit smoking.

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