3 Courtesies To Consider On A Road Trip

Road Trip Courtesies
Written by Don Adriano

Road trips are a ton of fun! You get to see the country and you get to enjoy time with a friend or a group of friends. This is an experience that can change your life, and you will create memories that you will never forget. Although road trips are a blast, they can also be grating if the people you are traveling with are rude and inconsiderate. In order to make the best of your next road trip, or an extended trip in a car, consider these three road trip courtesies.

1. Don’t Sleep Without Permission

Road trips can mean long stretches on the road, sometimes late at night. If it is your buddy’s turn to drive, keep in mind that they may be having trouble staying focused and staying awake.

If you are the only two people in the car, check in with the driver to see if it’s okay for you to doze off. If there is a group, sleep in shifts, with at least one person awake for the driver (if need be or requested).

Zonking out and leaving the driver to themselves in the middle of the night is both rude and potentially dangerous.

2. Consider What You Put On The Radio

Let’s say you’re on a trip to go see a rock band in another state. It’s your turn to drive and you decide to throw on gangster rap, knowing that no one else in the car listens to rap. How do you think they will respond?


Try and keep the radio as neutral as possible, unless the other people in the car have their headphones in. At the same time, remember that the driver controls the stereo. Fair is fair.

3. Be Conscious of Conversations

One of the most annoying things when on a road trip is when you’re buddy spends the whole time chatting on the phone. They may ask you to turn down the radio so they can hear better, and you are left listening to a one-way conversation.

Also, you may have a couple of people in the car who speak a language you don’t, leaving you out of everything that is going on.

These are both rude and should be avoided. Conversations should be as universal as possible.

Road trips are awesome! Just make sure you are keeping these considerations in mind to make the trip even better.

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