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5 Signs that You are Ready to Open Your Own Business

How Much Do You Ready To Open Your Own Business?
Written by Don Adriano

In today’s day and age, everyone has an idea for a business, but not everyone meant to put these plans into action. A decision like this requires a lot of careful consideration. Nevertheless, the real question is how do you know if you are ready to open your own business.

1. You Have a Product or Service You Are Passionate About

For a business owner, passion should be everything. How can a business succeed if the owner is not passionate about it?

Whatever your business idea is, be it for a product or service, you need to feel strongly about it.

2. You Have a Plan

You cannot rely on passion alone when opening up a new business of your own. It is also extremely important to have a plan in mind.

This plan needs to outline everything about your business, especially the following:

The product or service you are offering

The target audience, product pricing, profit

How you intend to gain customers

How you plan to measure your success- by the number of customers or net income.

Also, make note of concerns and potential obstacles, and possible ways to overcome them, so that there is less of a chance of finding yourself caught off guard.

3. You Have the Funds

What does a person need to start a business besides an idea and a plan? Money, because starting up a business is not cheap.

A new business needs money for many things:

Legal fees

Product creation and associated costs


Employee payment

And some just to help get the ball rolling.

While it is not cheap, the payoff can be immense.

Maybe you have been saving up just for this, or maybe you are willing to take out a loan to make it happen.

Either way, if you have access to the funds, it is possible for your dream of having a business of your own come true.

4. You Understand the Risks

Opening a business is no easy feat.

Many people have tried and failed, even some of the great business owners we think of today did not make it on their first try. So, be prepared for that; understand all the potential risks that come with starting a new business.

The better you understand the risks, the more prepared you are for running your own business.

5. You Have a Support System

Support systems are important in and out of the business setting. Your support system should be full of positive and encouraging people who love you and support your business ventures.

It should also include people who can give you advice when you have problems, or provide insight into better ways to handle certain situations.

Ideal people for this situation would include family, friends, and mentors.

If you have been contemplating starting a business of your own, and exhibit all of the above, what is holding you back?

With the right criteria and a drive to succeed, your dream can become reality.

Talk to your support system, go over everything, including the possible outcomes and ask yourself, are you ready for a startup of your own?

About the author

Don Adriano

Founder & CEO of Freelionaire
Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Speaker and Mentor

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