John Assaraf

John Assaraf is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a business growth expert, a teacher and an international speaker.

He is also one of the leading behavioral & mindset expert in the world. John is well known to have helped thousand of people get rid of all the mental and emotional obstacles in their lives.

John Assaraf's Awesome Courses

The Complete Winning The Game Of Money Brain Training & Coaching Program

The World’s First Scientifically Backed, Evidence-Based Brain Imprinting Program To Quickly Install A NEW “Mindset of the Rich” Within 90 Days… So You Can Achieve Your Financial Goals FAST!

Winning The Game of Weight Loss

Learn the most advanced, scientifically proven methods and strategies to set and achieve your weight loss goals by being in total control your emotions, your self-worth, your habits, decisions and your overall health and well-being. Plus many bonuses!

Winning The Game of Fear

Overcome debilitating fears, emotions, doubts, anxieties, stress or worries. You will develop unstoppable confidence and the beliefs and habits to quickly achieve your goals and live the life you deserve. Plus many bonuses!