How Will You Handle Stress?

Written by Don Adriano

One of the constant realities of life is there are degrees of stress. Sometimes it may be minor and at other times, seem-to-be, far more serious. There have been many studies, and reviews of a variety of issues related to stress, stress management, and how to proceed, but rather this blog will attempt to consider the relationship between how each of us handle it, and will briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss 4 possibilities and possible strategies, many people utilize, and the potential ramifications and implications, of each of these.

1. Letting it control you: When you become stressed, will you permit it to control you and your behavior/actions or confront it directly and in a focused manner? Far, too often, we take the path of least resistance (or what we perceive as being that path) and permit our fears, to dominate our thinking, and cloud our thoughts! Obviously, although this may be the way used most often it is probably potentially the most harmful to our health, well-being, and personal welfare, The only thing we have to fear, is fear, itself. Although, we have all read this, often, too few of us, heed its message!

2. Try to overcome it: Some refuse to let stress control them and proceed in an attempt to use a stress-focused action plan. Although probably a far better approach, than the first one discussed, this process often creates a sort of fixation on perceived problems, rather than focusing on seeking the best personal path forward!

3. Procrastinate/ Deny: Far more often, individuals resort to procrastination either because they fear or don’t know how to proceed but rarely does it do them any good because procrastinating and denying never gets quality meaningful results! Only proactive analysis and giving yourself a thoroughly realistic check-up from the neck-up, with the intention of transforming obstacles to challenges, rather than emphasizing problems (actual, and/ or, potential) will we proceed with the best course of action!

4. Learning, consistently, and effectively, from stress, and/ or, stressful circumstances: The late, Nobel Prize Winner, Dr, Hans Selye, received his prize, for his work in the area of human stress. He broke this into two categories: (1) debilitating stress; and (2) eustressSelye determined eustress or the ability/willingness to learn effectively and become better from every situation creates an ability to become better, more prepared, and capable, of handling life’s so-called, lemons, and focusing on the best way to turn them into lemonade!

It’s your life and your stress! What one considers debilitating and emphasizes his personal fears and resorts to procrastination, another will learn from and see life’s obstacles as challenges to overcome instead of, merely problems!

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Don Adriano

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