How to Breakthrough Mindset Limitations

Written by Don Adriano

The My Mindset Matters definition for MINDSET is a chosen attitude or intention that determines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. In previous articles, I have shared how to choose your mindset and examples of when I and others have made intentional mindset choices. I share these to help you easily explore new ideas and new possibilities. I share these to help you set aside any limiting beliefs from yourself or others so you can freely explore new ways of living and dealing with life. My want for you is that you will freely imagine how you can live beyond your present limits.

Many times we set limits on ourselves without even realizing what we have done. We then carry those limitations around with us for years, some even a lifetime. When you were a child you formed a lot of your beliefs about the world, others, and yourself. Think about it, what do you believe about your looks, your athletic ability, money…name the area of your life and you have a belief about it. And you have gathered a lifetime of evidence to “prove” your beliefs true.

Taking on an innovative mindset does not make you the Thomas Edison of today, I simply allow you to look at your world as though you were an innovator. You have a new perspective, a new filter to experience life through, a new way of doing things that will render you a different result. Taking on a new mindset is experimental. In spite of this, you may find yourself stuck, unable to act as if you are your chosen mindset. If you are having trouble taking on your chosen mindset here are few questions to ask yourself:

“What is stopping me?” There may be something real or perceived stopping you from living your chosen mindset. Take an honest look at the beliefs that are stopping you.

“Who else lives this mindset?” Finding a role model can be extremely beneficial. You can model their behavior and ask them about their beliefs around this specific mindset. You may be surprised to learn many who act with such confidence have merely found ways to get all their nervous butterflies to fly in formation.

“Could there be anyone who could live this mindset?” Answer that question before reading the next line. This question is to test your belief about if this mindset is possible or not. I think most mindsets can be lived within the proper context, if you think this mindset is impossible check the context you view it in, maybe your context is impossible and a slight tweak would bring it into the realm of possibility.

“What would happen if I did have this mindset?” Are there any concerns about your safety while you have this mindset? Explore that, if you are putting yourself in harm’s way, reconsider the context of your mindset.

“Have I ever lived this mindset in the past?” Pull from your past. Do you associate this mindset with any negative results from your past? Put aside any judgment and explore your history.

“Is there a part of me that would have a problem living this mindset?” Follow your feelings they will lead you to any internal conflict with this mindset.

“What else would I bring into my life if I lived this mindset?” Exploring all the positives this mindset could bring into your life will provide you with additional positive motivational leverage.

“If my wife/husband/brother/sister/best friend were here, what might s/he say I am not seeing about living this mindset?” Choosing another perspective will open you to more options and solutions.

“How would it feel if I could find a way to live this mindset?” Break out your crystal ball and start seeing the future. Partner this question with “And how might I find a way to live this mindset?”

And finally, “And if I could find a way to live this mindset anyway, what might I have to do first?” This is where you uncover the first step to living the mindset of your choice. This is where you train your butterflies to fly in formation.

When you take the time to honestly explore these questions you will uncover your limiting beliefs, you may even show some of your self sabotaging behaviors, but you will take a giant step towards claiming this mindset because now you are aware of what has been holding you back, what could happen if you make this change and how to start the change process. With this new awareness, you are already living the mindset you have chosen.

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Don Adriano

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