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How to Become More Patient in a Relationship

Written by Don Adriano

Patience is paramount for the success of any romantic relationship. Acting patiently towards your partner can help you to maintain peace in the relationship so that you can sustain the love and harmony in the partnership.

In this article, I want to take a look at a few things you can do to become even more patient in your relationship so that you can have an enjoyable love life.

1. Think About the Benefits of Exercising a Little Patience
Think about what you will gain if you control yourself. By doing that, you will realize that you stand to gain if you control your temper, and you will be more willing to be patient.

For example, you can decide to think to yourself such as, “Isaac is helping me a lot. He bought me a smartphone and laptop last year, and he has promised to buy me a car. Although I get irritated every time I see him talking to other women, I will not lose all that he has promised to do for me just because I am jealous that he talks to other women. Rather, I will control myself and find out the truth about his relationship with these women. If I react angrily, it will hurt the relationship and I will lose all the great things he has in store for me. I want to become more patient. I must be more patient so that I can keep him. ” It will help you to become more patient with others.

2. Remind Yourself of How Impatience Has Cost Some People in the Past
Read the story of how Saul was dethroned because he was impatient (1Kings 13 of the Bible), and also of how Moses did not get the opportunity to set his foot in Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey because he was impatient (Numbers Chapter 20 of the Bible).

Meditate on these stories and also on the experiences of people you know in your family or neighborhood who have lost material possessions or the love of their loved ones because they were impatient.

This exercise will make you see that sometimes impatience can cost people in a great way. In addition, you may reason that if you are not careful, you can also suffer the fate of these people. Accordingly, you will be motivated to keep your impatience in check.

3. Take Inspiration from Hannah’s Story
One of the ways to become more patient is to ruminate upon the lives of people who have gained great rewards after being patient.
There are examples of people in the Bible who got great rewards after they exercised patience. An example is Hannah, who ignored the taunts and provocation of her rival (who teased her for being barren), and who after exercising patience gave birth to six children.

Read the story of Hannah often. Remind yourself of how she endured provocation and ridicule, and the benefits she got, and let it teach you how to endure provocation from your partner. You will become more patient when you apply the methods she used to endure provocation in 1 Samuel Chapter 1 of the Bible.

If you want to become more patient in a relationship, consider the benefits of exercising patience, recall what impatience has done to other people, and remind yourself often of how Hannah was patient and of how her patience was a great blessing to her. You will appreciate the importance of controlling yourself and that will help you to be patient.

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