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How Can You Have a Success Driven State of Mind

Written by Don Adriano

Most people strive to achieve great things in their lifetime. Whether you want to climb Mount Everest, start a successful lawn care company or write the first novel you have to figure out how to have a success driven state of mind before you will even come close to achieving your goals. Once you figure out how to maintain this state of mind doing what you set out to do will become easier and you’ll find that you are meeting your goals faster than you ever dreamed possible. The people who are able to achieve their dreams rely on concrete goals, specific deadlines and they work hard to create valuable new habits to get to that state of mind.

Forming Specific Goals

The first thing you need to do to get to that success driven state of mind formulates the goals that you want to achieve in your head. Be as specific as you possibly can. You don’t want to write a chapter in your book, you want to write the first 25 pages in your book. You don’t want to lose some weight, you want to lose 15 pounds. Come up with figures that you want to achieve to make your goal feel more attainable and to give you something to shoot for.

Set a Deadline for Your Achievements

Now that you know what you want to achieve you need to come up with a deadline that you are confident you can meet. You want the deadline to be doable, but you want to keep it difficult to keep you motivated. Write the date down on a piece of paper for your goal to ensure that you know how much time you have left to get the task done. Keep it in a highly visible location such as on the wall of your office or on your refrigerator so you are reminded of the goal on a regular basis. To increase your odds of success even further you can post in a public location or make it available to some friends and family members to keep you accountable.

Focus on Developing Success Driven Habits

If you use the two techniques above on a regular basis they will help develop a set of habits that you will get used to. Like any habit, the more you do something the easier it becomes to do. Focus on your goals until you can visualize them, and fight hard to follow through on them and you’ll soon be accomplishing more goals than you ever thought you could.

About the author

Don Adriano

Founder & CEO of Freelionaire
Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Speaker and Mentor

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