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4 Great Business Ideas for Mompreneurs

Written by Don Adriano

Today, most families can’t make it unless both parents work, so this means many moms start their own business ventures to make extra money for the family.

Finding a way to balance work and home life isn’t always easy for Mom, because she has so many responsibilities: the house, the kids, carpooling, and the list goes on. So, maybe starting your own business can be a good way to help you balance career and family life.

If you’re a mom and you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, then check out these four great business ideas for mompreneurs.

Making Money with Social Media

If you‘re looking for a business opportunity where you can work from home and set your own hours, then starting your own blog or other social media site is a good idea.

To make this work, you set up a blog that attracts other people with interests similar to yours. You need to get lots of people to join or use the site, so you can attract advertisers.

The advertisers pay you to let them use the site and you make money. Moms can start a business like this with little or no experience and with little startup costs.

Helping Others and the Environment

Going green and helping the environment is a good way to help others. And who better to reach out and do this than moms who want a better, safer world for all.

You’ll have to put on your thinking cap for this one and come up with a product or a company that offers service to help the environment or other families.

Some examples of ideas already used include:

Natural skin care products

Organic baby care products

Reusable products that are good for the environment

You’ll need some start-up money and great planning skills, but the end result is worth it.

Put Your Writing Skills to Use

Many companies and private clients do hire moms to work from home writing blog posts, articles, resumes, and even doing transcription or editing. If you have the skills, this can be a money maker for your family.

Depending on the company, you may need some type of degree in journalism or writing, or you may just need to submit a sample and prove you have what it takes.

You can find companies needing writers online with a simple search, or you can join sites with discussions of jobs for work-at-home moms for help.

Buy a Franchise

If you have the start-up money, a franchise can be a great opportunity for mompreneurs. A business that offers services in health care, elder care, and fitness often offer franchise opportunities that are a great idea for moms. You can search for home-based and low-cost franchise opportunities if you want to work from home or have a limited budget.

Sometimes all it takes is a spark of creativity to come up with a great business idea, other times you need to research the opportunities out there that interest you. But, you can be a successful mompreneur.

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