Tips for Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs
Written by Don Adriano

Have you ever heard someone tell you that the only thing keeping you down is yourself? It is true. The human mind is an incredible thing, and often is the source of its own limitation. The problem is commonly referred to as “Limiting Beliefs,” or the false ideas that we hold as immutable truths. Has someone ever approached you with a proposition, only for you to say, “Oh, sorry, I am not good at (insert topic)”?

The fact that you believe you cannot do it is the thing that limits you from doing it. In order to overcome these falsehoods and open up your potential, you need to follow a few steps.

It will take some introspection and honesty but will be worth your while.

Discover What Is Holding You Back

Before you can solve the problem, you must first find it. Look inside you for any beliefs you hold that limit you in any way. Examples include:

I am not good at math.

Marriage cannot work because someone is always unfaithful.

My family will never accept my choices.

This can be anything that sounds like an ultimatum, but which wavers under scrutiny.

Find Something That Disproves Your Belief

In order to shake that misplaced faith, you should find something that contradicts it. As with the first example, think about the time when you mastered multiplication or balanced your checkbook by yourself.

For the second, find a couple who is happy and faithful to each other.

For each limiting belief you have, you will be able to discover a contradiction that will help dislodge it from your psyche.

Remember How This Belief Has Kept You Down

In order to dissuade yourself from holding to the belief, search your memories for times in which these inhibitions have held you down, or prevented you from taking advantage of an opportunity that would have immensely benefited you.

By honing in on these frustrating memories, you will dislodge the belief from your defensive cocoon.

Dig up and Confront the Cause of the Belief

Once you have identified it and remembered how it has inhibited you, you have to understand how it came to be.

Search your memories for what may have caused this belief to come into being.

In the case of the first example, it may have occurred when you incorrectly answered an assignment in your early years and were ridiculed for it.

Regardless of how they came into being, you have to confront these beliefs and eliminate them from yourself.

Constantly Seek to Improve Yourself

These beliefs are something that has been ingrained in you for a long time, and so will not easily leave.

However, the key to ridding yourself of them forever is to replace them with a positive, uplifting belief once you have pushed them away.

By vacating the limiting beliefs, and then filling their space with a positive hobby or habit, you will be able to improve yourself as a person and push past all of your limitations.

Keep these tips in mind as you go through your life. Not only will they help you eliminate the limiting beliefs you currently have, but they will also help you prevent more from forming.

About the author

Don Adriano

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