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Establishing Unity In Relationships With The Chosen One

Written by Don Adriano

A unified relationship is a valuable gift from God. Unification does not only signify being connected to someone, but the association conveys being on the same accord. It means being in agreement with the basic foundational principles of the relationship. Walking in unity is not to be mistaken for being linked to someone without ever having a disagreement. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. There is no real relationship without some form of disparity. When we frequently interact on personal levels with others, there’s bound to be clashes and challenges, as each person is not only different but imperfect. Those types of differences are commonly referred to as healthy disagreements. These conflicts are not meant to divide, but to strengthen and create more adhesive and unity in relationships. Confrontations also nurture submission, forgiveness, love, and more intense knowledge of each other.

Attack the Problem, Not the Person

Unity is teamwork that fosters cooperation and collaboration with one another rather than against each other. When altercations occur, the mindset must be wholly set to attack the issue–not the person. Oftentimes, fights grow out of context as well as out of control because of failure to remain focused on the matter, rather than the man or woman. This effort keeps everything in its right perspective while maintaining the oneness and striving to reach the common purpose and objectives together. Again, that may involve some form of disparity or challenge to reach that point, but nonetheless, the fight and the purpose are shared for both parties involved.

Choices Based on Purpose

Understanding what it means to be united in one thing; however, making connections with another can be somewhat perplexing. We are inclined to make choices to connect with significant others based on how well they can benefit us. Now, that’s not altogether a bad thing, considering relationships should be beneficial in some way, form, or fashion to all parties involved. However, I want to call your attention to how relationships are formed and fitted from a biblical perspective. Whenever God joins anything or anyone together, it is usually based predominantly on purpose. Relationships, whether marital, friends, coworkers, business partners, or any of such, should cultivate a shared purpose. If you’re one that submits faithfully to the leadership of God, then you must know that whatever or whoever you are linked to in life, has everything to do with your purpose and vice versa. That’s why it is vital when making decisions, that we always acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways so that He can direct our path. He can literally show us where to place our next step, and who to place it with.

Hold It Together

Adhesives that cause meaningful relationships to hold together are vital and extremely necessary. The bonding agents that enable these relationships to stand together are centered on love, and are broken down into three main areas: they involve love for God, the person, and the purpose. You must first know and develop oneness with God in a real meaningful way. That sets you in a position to embrace unity and love with that significant other-desiring to achieve and cultivate harmony in a way that is parallel to your relationship with God, which validates my second point. Lastly, but certainly not least, you must be knowledgeable of one another’s purpose. What is she bringing to the table? What is the contributing to the merger? How will your purpose fit in the relationship, so that it generates a fruitful outcome? A relationship that uses these areas as the foundation to build on is bound to be successful.

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