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Written by Don Adriano

The world is full of need. Need is the foundation of business. Ergo, the world is full of business opportunities. This analogy is true being that products and services are generally created to respond to a given social requirement. Food, shelter, security, comfort, entertainment – these are needs commonly recognized and catered by experienced entrepreneurs. This is probably the reason why there is an abundance of restaurants, convenience stores, rental apartments and townhouses, security agencies, spas, and clubs in communities around the world. If you are a first-time entrepreneur who wants to penetrate the business world, you have got to tap innovative entrepreneurship ideas. Otherwise, you’ll just be drowned out by senior competitors.

Many of those established entrepreneurs we have today made their mark in the industry with unique business thoughts. They even sought to address needs that were not that recognized by people. Socialization and information are human desires that have given some ingenious individuals access to the big bucks. Facebook and YouTube are ground-breaking entrepreneurship ideas, made real, that dared to redefine the concept of modern entrepreneurship.

Honestly, it’s hard to top what these young industrialists have achieved. But aspiring businessmen need not feel discouraged about losing out. Here are some creative business proposals that might just get you that free slot with the big shots.

1. Search Engine Optimization and Web Design
Given the popularity of the use of the internet and the emergence of online businesses that wish to hit it big in search engines, these services are bound to be profitable. It can be done on a project basis so you don’t have to be committed to something long-term. You can even keep another job while running such a business. Moreover, resources for SEO and web design are 50% free and the tools you use for it can be paid on a monthly basis. The downside is you have to learn. Search engine optimization and web design aren’t complicated. But they will require some time investment in the beginning. What some start-up entrepreneurs do is act as middlemen for SEO and web design requests and outsource the tasks to cheap but capable Filipino or Indian specialists.

2. Deliver Anything Service
People are very busy nowadays and have hardly enough time to run errands. Running a deliver anything service is gainful considering that you would be able to cater to a large market with basically the same need – fast, efficient delivery of goods. You can be contacted by a studio owner who wants to deliver important footage to a television station on another side of town or a mother who wants to get her son’s lunchbox to him while he’s in school in one hour or less, or a businessman who wants to get a gift sent to a client living in another city within the day. The downsides are: it will require a hefty sum of capital and that you have established competitors known as the internet and couriers. Information sharing is fast and cheaper via emails and collaborative folders. And couriers basically give the same service. You’re only advantage is you are not fickle with what deliveries you make.

3. Events Organization
This is a fun business and it will challenge all aspects of your being an entrepreneur, from marketing to planning to budgeting and execution. You can cater to weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, baptisms, etc. You will be able to widen your network as you pursue this service. And unlike the previous entrepreneurship ideas, YOU WILL NOT BE INVESTING ANY CAPITAL. You just got to establish a reputation and exert effort. You can start small. Start with a friend. Get his/her money, spend it wisely and secure a high level of satisfaction. Marketing is basic word-of-mouth. If you do well, you will have a hoard of fans in no time.

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