Choosing the Best Course of Action

Course of Action
Written by Don Adriano

As an entrepreneur, you will learn many new things when it comes to your business and you should not be surprised when problems or failures arise. It is normal and cannot be stopped. The way you handle it will determine how your business will progress. When it comes the time, you will need to choose the best course of action to take for your company and this may be a scary thing for you. We will go over some of the steps you need to take to ensure that you have a solid action plan that will benefit you and your business.

1. Have a mission. 

All successful entrepreneurs have a mission and they know where they are heading. If you find you are doing circles or you are confused about where your company is heading, pull the reigns and start giving it some thought.

2. Have goals.

Next, you need to have goals that are specific in nature and they need to be measurable. Your goal needs to be as specific as you can possibly make it. For instance, you could say that your goal for week 30 is to print 52,000 postcards with less than 5 errors. This is a specific goal with numbers and a timeline. This goal can be measured and you can keep track of what is happening and how well you are progressing alongside the goal.

3. Divide up large tasks.

If you have a large task on your list of goals, try dividing it up into smaller pieces or dividing it up amongst a number of people so that the end result is done quickly and you will have a variety of input as well. Placing a huge project into one person’s hands can lead to disaster if that person is not able to do it correctly or follow through.

4. Give definite timelines.

When it comes to your project and tasks, you need to put a timeline on everything. When you come up with the timeline, give yourself enough time to review the project before it is actually due. For instance, if you have a project due at the end of August, assign it to your employees and then have the deadline the beginning of August. This gives you enough time to correct any issues or problems without making the customer upset.

When it comes to your business, you need to lead your employees and you need to have an action plan that is not only specific but one that you always adhere to. If you are having trouble making your action plan, simply think of what needs to be done and then plan out how it is going to get done.

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Don Adriano

Founder & CEO of Freelionaire
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