education vs entertainment
Written by Don Adriano

It is always good to distinguish education from just mere entertainment.  Though you can have both which gives you a sense of balance.

While entertainment gives the fun and excitement, education gives meaning and purpose.  If you can identify the difference between the two then you are so ahead of the pack.  Both are good to have but if you have to make a choice between the two, education is the way to go.

It is easy to experience sustainable entertainment once you prioritized education.  Education should always come first and I’m not just talking about schooling.  I’m not just talking about the traditional people that go to school and graduate thinking that they are very educated and wise most of the time comparing themselves to other people that did not get the privilege to go to school.  My answer to that is it depends whether the reason is for education or just mere entertainment.

Even for people that are going to seminars and workshops,  some people will look for education in this type of environment or activity while others will try to find entertainment and will easily become bored because if it didn’t meet their expectation.  It is a person that would rather buy magazines with lots of entertaining pictures instead of reading books that adds value.

You can be a person with no experience of schooling whatsoever and still become the most educated person you can ever be once you produced the desired results and hit the main objective. There are two ways you can grow and develop as a person of educated character.

  1. Things that we don’t know – How can we be educated on things that we don’t know? The keywords here are “SEARCH and ASK”.  That is why when we ask some people, they will reply with the phrase, “Google it!” because of today, Google is the most powerful form of search engine. But for people who don’t have any access to the internet, they can simply learn by asking.  You’ll be surprised by how much ideas we can have just by simply asking ourselves questions instead of covering our complacency with excuses.  Even God wants us to ask Him if we lack wisdom.  There are many ways to know some things that we don’t know simply by asking questions.  Though it takes courage to ask unless we are the type of person that feels like we will be labeled stupid if we ask. However, there is no such thing as stupid question.  If we don’t ask questions, that is when we become stupid.
  2. Things that we already know – How can we be educated on things that we already know.  The keywords here are “PRACTICE and DEVELOP”.  This means that we are constantly dedicating ourselves to improve striving for excellence every day of our lives.  Avoid as much as possible saying something like,  “I’ve been there done that!” if we will close the window of opportunity to learn new things.  Life is a journey and not a destination.  There is always room for improvement.  The determination to develop and grow more means that we are an educated person who is consistently learning in life, it is a sign of humility as well.  When we learn to share what we already know, we are a generous individual. Encouraging others to find their purpose and meaning in life is another way of being a channel of blessing for others to receive.

About the author

Don Adriano

Founder & CEO of Freelionaire
Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Speaker and Mentor

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