Cut The Clutter With These Easy Organization Tips

easy organization tips cutting clutter
Written by Don Adriano

Clutter seems to grow on its own as your home or office gradually becomes overrun with stuff! Some people aren’t concerned with clutter. Others can’t function when surrounded by clutter, and if you’re one of them, you can do something about it. Good organization is the key to cutting the clutter and reclaiming your space. Here are some easy organization tips cutting clutter.

Everything Needs a Place

Clutter accumulates when there is not a specific place to put items. Give everything a home, and make sure the things you use most are easy to get and put away when you’re done using them.

If you have to make any extra effort to put away an item, it’s very likely it won’t make it“ home.”

Keep things in rooms where they are used and within reach if need be. Here are some tips to help:

Store similar items together Store frequently used items in an easily accessible place Always put things away as soon as you are done using them Pass on the Freebies

When someone offers you free stuff, you may feel obligated to take it, or you may think you’ll use it, but don’t. In many cases, free stuff ends up being clutter.

Remember, everything has to have a place—its own home, and if you bring in extra “things” that have no home, the clutter starts to build.

Think twice before taking books, magazines, mugs, t-shirts and other goodies that are only going to take up extra space.

If you know where to put it, bring it home, if not, pass.

Determine Your Clutter Hot-Spots

If everything in your home has a designated space, but there are still areas that seem to be clutter hot spots, you need to figure out why.

The reason could be laziness, or it could be that the home you’ve found for these items is not easy to access, so they get piled up where they shouldn’t be.

Ask your family why they are not putting things away and take action based on their reason. Often times fixing the problem helps clear the clutter.

Learn to Let Go

Sometimes people keep clothes because they may lose weight and fit into them again. There’s also the problem with keeping artwork your child made or greeting cards from family or friends. While you may have a sentimental attachment to these things if you are seriously trying to reduce clutter, learn to let go.

One way to deal with nostalgia is to choose a few nice creations your child had done and displayed them on the walls, but get rid of the rest. And as for greeting cards, if there are a few that are simply too difficult to part with, you can probably find some space, but most of them need to go in the wastebasket.

It takes some determination and sometimes some detective work to cut the clutter, but the results are worth the effort!

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