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Don’t Be Controlled by Your Feelings, Hold on to Your Faith

Written by Don Adriano

We live in a world where our emotions or feelings are a “driving force” in our lives. Everything that happens to us can affect our ideas and perceptions; therefore, it is important that our hearts are spiritually centered and not fleshly focused. When our feelings are governed by the world’s standards, our life experiences will leave us with a sense of inadequacy and failure. Because of a slothful economy, high gas prices, job losses, home foreclosures, and astronomical crime rates; people are becoming discouraged in their hope for brighter days. There are plenty of reasons or portals in our society that would cause us to lose focus on the promises our heavenly Father has provided through His Word. God expects our feelings to be contrary to the ideology of this world; but, according to the faith we have in the saving power of Jesus Christ (Romans 12:2).

Our feelings are unstable and can change at any given moment. They can easily be manipulated by the things we see and the things we hear every day. The Word of God tells us to be anchored in the faith we have in Jesus Christ and not in the things of this world. Without faith, there can be no hope, prayer, peace, or joy. Without faith in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, it is impossible to please our Father (Hebrews 11:6). It is dangerous for us to trust our feelings and rely on our own knowledge. Faith is a necessity in the Christian life.

In conclusion, we are living in a time where calamities and adversities can cause us to act or respond out of desperation. It is very unsettling when we view things from our human perspective instead of trusting the Holy Spirit (1 John 4:4). When we truly believe that we are in the world; but not of the world, we can truly rise above the issues of this world. Everything in this world is temporal, but the gift of salvation is eternal. Our feelings will surely fail us; but, our faith will always save us.

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Don Adriano

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