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Different Types Of Vision Boards

Written by Don Adriano

Through the Law of Attraction, there are many different ways to encourage others to follow a positive and courageous way of life. Being able to extend the power of positivity is one talent that can get you places. Having this talent can also get you associated with the right people to be able to spread this word across many platforms. One method that is used to do this is by using vision boards.

Now, when you hear a vision board, what comes to mind? Usually, the most common answer is a giant sketch board that has some sort of graph or list that can help you determine what to do next. Well, depending on what you want to display or convey, these are some of the different types of vision boards to get you going through the day.

Vision boards for inspiration

Your vision board can be whatever you want it to be, with whatever you want to really put into it. If you have a specific goal in mind to spread some sort of message, then that board should be full of the things within that message. If your board is to spread the positivity of praying, then it should be God-centered. If the vision board is to spread awareness for animals, then it should be covered in a zoo-like atmosphere.

Vision boards for specific goals

If your intentions are goal oriented, then specific goals are where you want to drive your board to. Being able to give your board a goal can not only help you and your company, friends, or family a view of the end result, but it can also inspire you to do better.

Thematic vision boards

These are the most popular of the bunch. Like I mentioned above, if your goal is to make a vision board that is for a cause, the best thing you can do is dress it up for that cause. Themes can be anything you want, holidays, birthdays, weight loss, it can be anything that your heart desires.

With the Law of Attraction, these vision boards will bring in anything that you put on them. If you positively look into wanting to achieve your goal, not only will you get what you need, but you will also be able to inspire that goal orientation and positivity onto someone else. That motivation is what will keep you going and the inspirations to keep spreading.

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