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5 Warning Signs of Depression

Signs of depression
Written by Don Adriano

If you are feeling sadder than normal, it could be more than just a phase. You may be suffering from depression, and this can be a difficult time for most people. It’s important to have this diagnosed by a professional to help you get the right amount of treatment. However, it may be difficult to know if you’re just having a bad day or you’re truly depressed. Knowing the warning signs of depression may better help you understand what to do.

Abnormal Sleep Patterns

Do you find that you’re suddenly sleeping more than usual? If so, this is a sign of being depressed. Going to bed extremely early and sleeping late can mean that you’re clinically depressed. Most doctors recommend that you get 7-8 hours of sleep per night to help you feel your best each day.

Additionally, if you can’t get to sleep at night and you’re suffering from insomnia, this can be a sign of depression, as well.

Loss of Appetite

It’s normal for you to want to enjoy certain foods, and it’s critical to your well-being to eat a healthy diet daily. However, when you’re depressed, you may not want to eat anything.

Suffering from a loss of appetite is one of the first warning signs of depression for many people.

Excessive Fatigue

Do you feel tired a great deal? Is it easy for you to feel worn out even though you haven’t done much throughout the day? If so, this is known as dealing with excessive fatigue and is sure to be a sign that you’re depressed if it consists for a long period.

It’s normal for you to feel tired after working all day, but if you feel this way even though you haven’t done anything, this could be due to depression.

Inability to Concentrate

Being able to focus on your job and earn a living is important. You will also need to rely on being able to concentrate to get mundane tasks done each day, as well. However, if you can’t seem to focus on the things you need to do, this could be a sign of depression.

It’s important to be capable of thinking clearly to feel your best each and every day and to function simply through life.

Avoiding Socialization

Do you want to be by yourself a good deal of the time? If so, you may enjoy staying in and not going out with your friends or family. This could simply be your personality type of you may be suffering from depression, as well.

Take the time to look back at all often you have gone out in the last couple weeks, and this may help you get a clearer understanding of your current situation.

It’s important to get the proper amount of treatment for your depression. It’s in your best interest to visit a doctor if you feel you are depressed and work towards getting an accurate diagnosis.

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