Benefits of Having a Mentor

Written by Don Adriano

If you’re wondering, ‘Why do I need a mentor?’, we’ve got ten good reasons for going to find one.

Discover how mentoring programs can increase your job skills, adaptability, salary, and self-worth. And how a friend at work can have your back to navigate office politics and sing your praises come promotion time.

More than that, you’ll discover the unexpected benefits of mentoring and how you’ll feel happier – both at work and in your personal life. They’ll help you gain self-awareness, respect your colleagues more and become a better team player. In short, they’ll build your character. Here’s how.

Ten benefits of having a mentor

You’re hired. They’re paying you. People pat you on the back sometimes. So you may be wondering, ‘Why do I need a mentor?’.

Put down the coffee cup and doughnut, and read these reasons why you should go find a mentor.

  1. You’ll stay in demand

‘E-commerce will close high streets.’ ‘Machine learning will make people obsolete.’ Scaremongers love end-of-job scenarios. But successful workers – like your mentor – know how to adapt, and they’ll show you how to do the same. By learning new skills and making the right changes, you’ll stay being an asset to your employer.

  1. You’ll gain a friend

Research by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that a mentor and mentee relationship without rapport is like having no mentor at all. This is someone you’ll share your work and personal concerns with – so make sure they’re someone you get along with.

  1. You’ll have someone who’s got your back

Your office may have nice stuff in it – like a foosball table, beanbags, and a beer fridge – but it has people in it, too. And people are ambitious, anxious and selfish. If you’re contending with colleagues for a promotion or in the middle of office politics, your mentor can offer advice and sing your praises to decision-makers. Like Al Pacino at the end of Scent of a Woman.

  1. You’ll become more than a job title

Your job title doesn’t define you. It doesn’t reveal all your skills, potential and passions. Your mentor will learn what makes you tick and help you plot your career path, spot personal development opportunities and even find a job you’re better suited to.

  1. You’ll feel happier at work

A mentor isn’t just there to sneak away for lunchtime pints with. They’ll help you hone your craft and become more competent at your job. When you’re good at what you do, you’ll feel happier in your work and personal life.

  1. You’ll make more money

When you’re successful, you earn more money.  Your mentor will have the experience to help you negotiate better pay, get promoted and consider new job opportunities.

  1. You’ll become a better person

Your mentor is the office equivalent of that friend who calls you out if you’re out of line. By telling you your strengths and your weaknesses, he or she will help you gain self-awareness, respect your colleagues more and become a better team player. In short, they’ll help you build your character.

  1. You’ll get pumped

Humans are hard-wired for praise. It releases endorphins, or ‘happy chemicals,’ in our brains – and the rush is even bigger when we get good feedback from someone we respect. According to employment engagement experts Reward Gateway, 70% of employees say recognition ‘massively’ improves motivation and morale.

  1. You’ll keep on learning

Most senior colleagues will tell you they have a mentor, too. The benefits of coaching and mentoring don’t stop when you get a corner office. You’re never too experienced or high up to learn from others.

  1. You can become a mentor, too

Mentors aren’t saints. It feels good to nurture talent and you can pick up mentoring skills on the job, particularly with regard to leadership and communication. A mentee, coming at a problem from a different angle, can also help you to see a new perspective on the issue.

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