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4 Ways A Bad Marriage Can Hurt Your Health

bad marriage can hurt health
Written by Don Adriano

Being in a relationship that causes you stress and anxiety on a regular basis can be damaging to your health. These are negative emotions that should be avoided as much as possible in life. However, if you’re in a drama-filled marriage, it can be difficult to get away from the other person. Living in the same house can make this a challenge. Knowing ways a bad marriage can hurt health may motivate you to improve the situation or leave it.

Damage Your Heart

Stress can cause inflammation in and around your heart. This is one of the greatest contributors to heart disease and in its severest forms could potentially lead to a heart attack.

Consistent arguing with another person is bad for all areas of your life and should be avoided. Doing this could cause your blood pressure to increase, and this is another way the damage can be done to your cardiovascular system.

Create Anxiety

Are you constantly on edge when you’re around your spouse? Do you dread seeing this person walk through the door because you know a fight may be on the horizon? This is certainly no way to live and could hinder your health.

Being nervous or anxious a great deal can contribute to numerous health issues, and it’s ideal to remain in a calm state of mind at all times. This can be challenging to do when you have another person fussing at you a great deal.

Cause Stomach Problems

Dealing with constant stress can contribute to problems with your digestive system. You may find that your stomach is upset more frequently, and this could impact your well-being each day.

It’s important to keep your stomach in good health because this is the core of your body. If you’re in a bad relationship, take the time to do some deep breathing techniques on a daily basis to help relieve some of your tension.

By breathing in through the stomach and letting your breath out for a few minutes each day, you may begin to see you stomach issues subside.

Create Depression

Being in a bad relationship can contribute to having a bad mental state of mind. Do you feel sad a great deal of the time or depressed? The thought that you have to live with this person until you can change the dynamic of the relationship or get out add to your depressed state of mind.

Depression can affect all areas of your health and life and should be avoided if possible. Consider talking to your medical provider about taking medication to help you get through this difficult time.

Being in a bad relationship can be more harmful to your health than you realize. Take the time to reconsider staying in it or work to make changes to it as possible. The key to getting to a better state of health and mind may involve getting out of the situation sooner rather than later.

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