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6 Traits Men Want In A Long Term Partner

Written by Don Adriano

What do men want in a long-term partner? I am sure you have some idea but I am about to clarify what men seek in a potential wife…

1. Dependability

Men want a woman who is faithful, reliable, and trustworthy. They are looking for a loyal mate who will have their back and not stray elsewhere. Men need a good reason to commit to women, especially given the life-cycle of most marriages these days so it’s no wonder that being a dependable partner is highly revered by men.

2. Emotionally stable

Men who a ready to settle down want a partner who has a high level of emotional intelligence. Physical attraction is only part of it and not as important to men as you may think. Men will only make a safe investment in a woman who is grounded and who will not make their life more difficult or potentially threaten their freedom.

3. Intelligence

This next factor is really important and highly undervalued. Guys want to be able to connect on an intellectual level to a woman. They adore women who have something between their ears and a high level of education to back it up.

4. Happy Demeanour

Guys love women who are happy within themselves. To men, these women are a joy to be around. Playful women are irresistible women. There is something mesmerizing about a woman’s playful nature – so be happy!

5. Sociable

Men want to cohabit with a woman who makes friends easily and can converse with their friends and family. Men think about this because they want to be able to socialize with a woman in the future. Going out and engaging with others is highly valued by men and you need to be comfortable at fitting in and interacting with new people.

6. Being Healthy

Men subconsciously assess how healthy you are when they meet you, this is a mark of your ability to be fertile in the future. Your skin, vibrancy, body disposition, and energy levels are all factors men assess you on without even realizing it. However, what they will also take into consideration when dating you is how active you are and how much effort you put into staying healthy and looking good. A man will want to know if you are going to look after your body as he wants to be attracted to you now and in the future. So make sure you look after your self-image.

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Don Adriano

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