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5 Tips to Help You Learn to Really Love People

Written by Don Adriano

Learning to love people takes a major shift in our perspective of others. If you have a difficult time trusting others then this will take some practice as with any new change. If your current perspective is that people are bad then learning to open your heart to release love in and let love out may seem difficult initially. But that can change using the next few tips I’m going to share with you.

Remember, this will take commitment and persistence on your part to master. You’ve been thinking one way all along and if you want to shift into a new way of living, a higher way of living, you will need to give yourself time to create the new habit. By having the tools I’m about to share with you, you can easily make the shift and bounce back.

Okay, here goes.

Tip #1 – See others as inherently divine

We’ve all been created out of love and from love. Love is our true nature. Ever looked at babies? It’s all about love. But as we grow we learn the ways of others. We’re reprogrammed each day by our environment and without following our inner guidance we become more disconnected and unconscious of our true inner heritage. We’ve forgotten who we are. Make it a conscious decision to be reminded of this truth, not only of yourself but also of others as well.

Tip #2 – See yourself as one with everyone

On a physical level, we have the appearance of being separate, and yet in that apparent separateness, we are all connected on an intangible level. We have an intangible inner communication system that connects us all and sends a rippling effect on the matrix of life. Because there are different levels or frequencies of energy, you can choose to live on a higher level. You can choose thoughts and actions that are on a higher level – than produce healing for others around you. Again, it will take practice to see yourself being a part of everyone else and then choosing higher-level thoughts of love to bring others to a higher plane.

Tip #3 – Send love to others, even your enemies

It’s so easy to love the people who love us. It takes a lot more conscious effort to break out of our habitual way of despising those who dislike us or who are being unkind to us. You’ve often heard it said to love your enemies. But how exactly do you do that when you just want to wring their necks? Go within. Shift from your mind to the inner sanctuary that’s already inside of you.

When you do this you will immediately feel a shift in your emotions. When you look into the ‘eyes’ of love inside of you and fix your ‘gaze’ into pure love, the anger and resentment you feel will begin to melt away. But you need to stay there. The moment you take your eyes off you’ll fall right back into the old mental habit. Keep your gaze on love until you are free to say, “I love you. I bless you. I wish you well.”

Tip #4 – Nurture the Presence of Unconditional Love

Remember that ‘gaze into the eyes of love’ we just talked about? Here’s where you continue to nurture that feeling of love in your heart. Allow it to expand inside of you; healing you, transforming you in its powerful presence. Bask in the Presence of Unconditional Love and allow the power of the Great Universal Spirit to wash you clean of all the negative energies that cloud over the sun of your soul. Do this often and allow the warmth of love to embrace you from within.

Tip #5 – Walk in Love

Be conscious of ‘walking in love, with love. You become the conduit through which divine love can be expressed to others around you. But the work must begin within you. If you are to love others you must BECOME love in order to give love. Let the Spirit of love be your guide, be your life, and loving others will become a natural and higher way of living.

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Don Adriano

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