5 Tips To Make You Become A More Productive Worker

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Written by Don Adriano

Everyone goes through a period of unproductiveness, but if it lasts more than day or two, you need to get out of that rut. There’s no reason to let your productivity slide when you can do something about it. In many cases, you can be more engaged, happier, and find your work more fulfilling when you can accomplish more by the end of each day. And this can be done. Here are a few tips to help you become more productive worker you know you can be.

You Need A Routine

Having a routine requires planning your day and even your week. Either get up a little earlier than usual to plan your day or do it at night before bed.

Start by prioritizing tasks. Make a list of the most important things you have to do that day, so you can get them done first. Also, jot down your goals for the day. Good intentions can go a long way when you want to get things done.

Never Try To Be Perfect

You’ve written out your daily plan, listed your most important tasks, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always get everything on your to-do list done. If you try to be a perfectionist, you’re only going stress yourself out and then nothing gets done.

This is why you list tasks in order of importance. The things that must get done do and the less important things can be carried over to the next day.

Always Take Breaks

When planning your day, schedule in time for breaks.

And take them!

Studies show that taking breaks actually helps boost your productivity.

Even short ten minutes break a couple of times a day can give you time to relax and clear your mind until you have to get back to work.

Don’t Rush

The most productive workers know how to pace themselves. Start one task and work on it until you’ve completed it. Rushing can lead to more mistakes and will definitely cause you some stress.

Pacing yourself helps you stay focused and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed when you have a long to-do list. This is a good time to remember you’re not perfect, so work on the most important tasks and get them completed.

Learn To Accept Criticism

Some people think of criticism as a personal attack, but they shouldn’t. If your boss or co-worker offers you some criticism, accept it and learn from it.

At times, personal criticism stings a bit at first, but if you take the time to process it, you can decide what actions you can take to improve in that area.

Sometimes, it is people you don’t like, or least not close friends, that are honest and give you the most insight about you.

You can get a lot done in a day, probably more than you realize, if you use some tips to help keep you on track. What a great feeling it is to have accomplished your most important tasks by the end of the day.

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