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5 Things You Must Teach To Raise Successful Children

raise successful children
Written by Don Adriano

All parents want what is best for their children—a good education and upbringing, so they can grow up to become successful adults. To raise well-rounded kids, with the best chance of success, you need to teach them certain values that create healthy, responsible, and successful adults. Here are some important values to teach to raise successful children.


Tolerance is more than just teaching children to accept those who are different. Teaching tolerance also involves:

  • Learning to help others in need
  • Tolerating people who wrong them, and learn why this happens
  • Not to look down on others

Tolerance helps people of all ages deal with life situations that cannot be changed.


To be successful in life people must be honest with others and with themselves.

Teach children to be honest about mistakes, instead of trying to cover them up.

Children also need to be able to look at themselves and see where they need to improve. The ability to be honest with yourself is a trait that continues to grow as children go from adolescent to adults.


People don’t always get everything they want, but it’s important for them to grateful or what they have.

Being grateful is not only for material things. Teach children how lucky they are to have family members, friends, and other loving and supportive people in their lives.

Children who are taught to be gracious grow up to be an important part of their community and have a strong will to help others.

Self Discipline

Children who know what their responsibilities are and do them without being told have good self-control. This is important to many aspects of life as an adult.

Self-control and self-discipline help adults get their priorities in order. These values can help with money management decisions later in life.


Teach your children to keep trying. Even if they didn’t make the team or just can’t seem to understand a math assignment, they can’t give up.

Giving up or never trying for fear of failure lets life pass you by. No one can live up to his or her full potential in life without determination.

Along with determination, teach kids that failure is not the end. It’s a chance to try again or take a different path in life.

Parents Are Role Models

While you can teach your children all these values, you too have to be a good role model for them. Be the best person you can be and lead by example:

  • Give everything you do your all
  • Be honest and forgiving with others
  • Help out in your community
  • Volunteer
  • Set goals for yourself and reach them

You can’t gain your child’s respect and trust if you don’t live by the same set of values you set for him or her.

Start teaching children these skills as soon as possible. Even younger children can grasp the concepts and the earlier and they’ll carry them for life.

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