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3 Tips For Silencing Your Mind For Better Meditation

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Written by Don Adriano

If you are having trouble quieting your mind to meditate better, there are some things you can do to help improve your chances of experience better meditation. You want to experience this because of the many benefits of mediation and how much happier and healthier it can make you through your life. Here are three tips for silencing mind for better meditation.

Concentrate Hard On One Thing for As Long As You Can

By concentrating on one thing, you can experience a better meditation because it will quiet your mind better for you. Focusing on one thing for a long period of time can help you clear your mind of anything else that it might be cluttered with. Basically, it is like exercise for your mind. You are essentially training your mind for future meditation practices. To help you do this, try to:

Set small goals for steady concentration.

Give yourself a reward for completing each small goal.

After all, this is the purpose of meditation, to clear your mind of clutter and to help you reduce stress, living healthier and happier for a better overall life.

Breathe Deeper and Longer

Breathing deeper and longer will help you clear your mind to silence it for a better meditation experience because you are concentrating on just breathing and nothing else. This means you are basically listening to your breathing which really does help silence your mind to increase your chances of a successful mediation session. This may make you want to do it more often too.

Think About Your Happy Place

Think about your happy place and even go there in your mind. This can improve your meditation experience because it helps you relax since you are happier in your happy place. Who isn’t, right? Are you having trouble imagining your happy place? Consider the following happy places you can borrow until you can think of your own unique place:

A peaceful meadow

A flower garden

What you think Heaven looks like

A favorite memory

Sitting on the beach playing in the sand

Floating away in the middle of the ocean

At the top of a mountain

Deep in the woods

Your happy place is where you want to go in your mind to help you relax and it works too. By using the tips above, you will improve your meditation sessions making your life better overall. Mediation has so many benefits so why aren’t you doing it yet?

Start your meditation sessions now so you can improve your lifestyle and make a happier and healthier life for yourself. Everyone should understand how great meditating is and should do it as often as possible. However, many people tend to give up after a while because they are too impatient since they might not see results right away. Don’t give up because it does take a little while for you to get good at something like this. Keep at it and your life will improve. You are bound to start to see improvements in your life in no time at all.

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