3 Tips For Hiring The Right Employees

hiring right employees
Written by Don Adriano

The success of your business will also depend on choosing the right employees to help you run it. This can take some time and effort on your part but is highly worth the investment of both. The type of people you retain to assist you in the operation of your business can either make or break your success. Knowing specific tips that can aid you in making the right employee choice may have a huge impact on your overall decision and success. Here are some tips for hiring right employees that can help you grow your business.

Interview Correctly

The key to your success in hiring the best employees for the job is to conduct the interview properly. It’s ideal to create a list of questions that you can ask when you have employees interested in the position with your company.

Below are some questions you should consider asking potential employees:

1.  What is your highest level of education?

2.   What skills make you qualified for this job?

3.   Are you employed now and if so, where do you work?

4.   How many hours can you work per week?

5.   What is your expected amount of pay?

The more detailed the questions you ask, the better the chance of being able to hire the right employee.

Complete Background Check

One of the best ways to hiring the right person, rather than the wrong one for the job is to complete a thorough background check. Take the time to see if there are any past crimes that have been completed by this individual that may be large or small.

This will also allow you to see if the person you’re contemplating for hire has been in any legal problems with the court. There are many things you will be able to determine by taking the time to complete a thorough background check on this individual.

Check the Credit Score

Being to determine how responsible the individual is when it comes to paying bills is an ideal way to foresee the personality of this person. You will want to be sure to hire an individual who has a higher credit score versus that of a person who may have a lower one.

It’s much better to rely on the assistance of a person who works to keep the bills paid promptly at all times during life. This can show you this is an individual who is responsible and doesn’t delay in keeping all of the commitments of life met as necessary.


Depending on the type of job that you’re hiring for, this may require this individual to have a certain appearance.  Be sure to hire a person that is right for the job and meets any criteria that you may have as far as physical looks.

This can be helpful when it comes to making the right employee selection for any business you may own.


A good positive attitude is a must if you want to be successful in business. If you hire an employee that has a totally different intention and is just determined to make money, there is a big chance that he will not see your vision. Being able to see the vision of the business is something that makes a big difference between hiring an effective employee and hiring an employee who might end up using the business to push their selfish ambition and a possibility to misrepresent the business.

A good character is different than just having skills or talent.  Though we would certainly love to have a very talented individual in our team you want to hire someone who is willing to learn and is a team player. If not, it will create an unfriendly competition and could cause drama inside the team.

Think of it as driving a ten wheeler truck. It would be useless to put a deflated or even over-inflated tires for a truck. Because this will only create stress to the other tires and could potentially cause an accident.

If you hire a person with a good character. You can have another potential team leader for your team that will also have a heart for your business and will exercise care as you take good care of them.

Being able to find the right person to complete any job you need to be done in your business will take the right amount of time and effort. Simply follow the steps listed above and you’re sure to have a much better chance of finding the right employee rather than the wrong one!

And most of all, Let God be your business partner and you will surely hit success!

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