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3 Tips for Building a High Performance Organization

Written by Don Adriano

Most people love to be on a winning team. Losing is not much fun, and although few teams win all the time, high-performing teams win most of the time. Thus, leaders strive to create high-performing organizations. They attract the best people, get the best results, and provide the best rewards for those who are part of the team. So how do leaders build high-performing organizations? Here are three simple tips:

Set a clear mission: In high-performing organizations, leaders make sure that everyone is working together towards a common purpose. They do this by setting a clear mission. A simple mission statement can clarify the organization’s purpose and provide a rallying point for the entire team. Overall goals can be set to accomplish the mission, and conflict among the team members is reduced. Thus one of the most important things any leader can do is to define the mission if one doesn’t already exist.

Establish core values: Next to defining the mission, establishing core values is of critical importance to creating a high-performing organization. Core values create a common bond and define the culture of an organization. When values are established and incorporated into the core beliefs, they will guide behavior. People will act in concert with the organization’s core values. They will not need to wait for guidance, nor will they need elaborate rules. When there are shared values in an organization, then people are more likely to work together in harmony. They will act in accordance with their shared beliefs which is the power of establishing core values.

Hire great talent: Any coach will tell you that they are more effective when they have great players on the team. Thus, if leaders want to create a high-performing organization, then they will hire the best available talent. This will not guarantee high performance since they must also work together, but it usually improves an organization’s performance when they have the best people on their team.

When the best people are given a clear mission and share core values, then the odds are more likely that they will work together as a high-performing organization. Many other things can be done to build high-performing organizations like training, use of technology, and techniques like six-sigma; however, these three simple tips are core elements of every high-performing organization. If you don’t have these elements present in your current organization, then this is a good place to start.

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Don Adriano

Founder & CEO of Freelionaire
Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Speaker and Mentor

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