3 Tips For Bringing Friend Closer To God

bringing friend closer
Written by Don Adriano

If you are a good friend and you are always looking out for the well-being of your friend, you might want to consider the various ways that you bring him or her closer to God.  Here are some tips for bringing friend closer to God.

Take a few moments to read through the following tips for bringing your friend closer to God. Some of the tips might work wonders for you. Some might not work as well. But this is because we are all different human beings with varying needs and desires. Either way, you have to give it a try.

Invite Him or Her Over For a Big Dinner with Church Friends

For some people, being thrown right into a church service is not something that they would respond well too, especially if they have had problems with churches in the past. However, you could ease him or her into the church by introducing all of your church friends.

This is easily done with a nice big dinner at your house. It is a casual environment. Sure, there might be a little bit of a talk about religion or various church functions, but that is not what the entire thing will revolve around. Your friend will get to see that your church friends are great, have a wonderful sense of humor, and have other interests outside of the church.

Ask for Just the Company

Okay, it might not be the best way to get someone to go to church, but it gets him or her there. Talk to your friend about how you wish you had more company while you are at church and then ask if they would like to come with you.

After all, it is just more time that the two of you get to spend together. The hope is that your friend will listen to the sermon, get something out of it, and then want to continue to come back.

When explaining to your friend how nice it will be, you can explain:

  • That church doesn’t last for too long
  • There is a lot of great music
  • Everyone is so nice and welcoming
  • That you can go out to eat after
  • You can go shopping after

By pointing out all of the positives, you will be more likely to be able to convince your friend to come with you.

Practice What You Preach

One of the best ways to bring someone closer to God is by showing them what is available when faith is restored. You want to be the best person that you can and practice all of the love and compassion that you preach about.

Of course, it is not as though you want to point all of this out to your friend. He or she is insightful enough to pick up on the changes in you that have happened since you have been attending church regularly.

By making sure to take advantage of the previously mentioned tips, you should have no problem bringing your friend closer to God.

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