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3 Tips For Achieving Personal Growth

achieving personal growth
Written by Don Adriano

Personal growth is valuable to living a happy life. Learning new skills, enhancing your current abilities and achieving goals will help make your lifelong dreams come true. Follow these simple tips for achieving personal growth and development.

Develop Growth Goals

Anyone can achieve personal growth even if they don’t know what type of growth they want, but knowing what kind of growth you want helps direct the changes in your life. You could learn a whole slew of new skills.

But what value do they have if you never plan on, or even want to use them?

Instead of wasting your time enhancing your life in ways that don’t matter, sit down and figure out how to make the changes that are important to you.

Make a detailed list of different goals you want to achieve, and single out the most important to you to get started on. Focus on this goal as much as possible until you are closer to achieving what you want.

Choose The Simple Path To Success

Now that you know what you want to achieve its time for you figure out what your most effective path to success is. Whether you want to learn a new skill such as computer programming, or you would like to become a more outgoing person. You can do these things by writing down a list of simple steps to help you go from start to finish. Make them simple and research steps that experts explain work whether you want to take them or not. It’s easy to adjust steps to remain in your comfort level, but that’s a dangerous habit that will only hinder your personal growth and development.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

There is no way to achieve your full potential and make real gains in personal growth without being willing to go outside your current comfort zone. Your comfort level is dictated by all the things that you are familiar with. If you’re familiar with an activity it’s not going to help you achieve growth. Let’s take for example a person who wants to become more outgoing. Talking with friends and family might sound like a way to improve how outgoing you are, but if you are comfortable doing this it’s not going to do any good. Instead, it makes sense to strike up conversations with complete strangers and ask them personal questions you would never normally ask. This will achieve more effective gains in less time, and the same can be said for other goals. The person who wants to learn a new language will grow faster by talking with natives of the language than they would by reading a book or watching an instructional video.

Be willing to work hard for your goals, and you’ll find that you achieve personal growth more effectively than you thought you could. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable, and once you start getting nervous you know you’re moving toward new growth levels.

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