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3 Spiritual Benefits To Getting Married In The Church

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Written by Don Adriano

The big day for you and your fiancé is something that you want to be special and something you want to always remember in a positive light. You want everything that comes with it, including having all of your friends and family to be there supporting you. You want the fancy dress for the bride, the tuxedo for the groom, and the flowers for all of the ladies. You want everything to be just perfect. But, you don’t just want to focus solely on the physical things on the big day for the two of you. You want the spiritual benefits as well. You can have them, all of them.

Brings you two closer to God

Getting married in a church can really bring you closer to God and all of His Glory. The vows you and your new soon-to-be spouse recite to each other are not just a promise to the two of you, but they are a promise to God as well.

After getting married in a church, you can really feel like you and your new spouse have become so much closer to God. This can really make your marriage a strong and happy one for the two of you.

Having a more successful and stronger marriage

When you get married in a church and because you feel closer to God and His Glory, you can know that you will have a stronger marriage with your new spouse. This means that, yes, you will have your arguments, but maybe you can talk them out better and be stronger and more loving toward one another because of them. You can learn more about each other throughout your marriage and your love will grow as you two grow together.

For example, you will be able to:

Understand your spouse’s viewpoint a lot easier and quicker

Learn from each other’s faith

Decide how to be a better spouse in his or her eyes, along within God’s eyes

You Experience God’s Grace

Maybe getting married in a church can help you experience God’s grace throughout all of your marriage. He will be present in your life when you have children and as you raise them. He will even be present after they leave and the two of you become empty nesters.

This might sound like the same as bringing you closer to God but if you think about it, it really isn’t. Experiencing God’s grace means to have Him present in your life all the time while bringing you closer means you are just closer to Him.

By thinking about these benefits and more, you can use these to help you decide whether or not you would rather have a church wedding.

If you are like most people of faith, you might just find that receiving the benefits of a church wedding outweighs any other vacation wedding destination or anything else someone might have had in mind.

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