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3 Personality Traits of a Successful Business Owner

personality traits of a successful business owner
Written by Don Adriano

One of the most honest things you can say about owning a business is it is not for everyone. You need to fit a specific type to operate a business successfully. Many people think they can jump right in and be successful, but that is never the case. The key to being a great business owner is possessing the right personality traits. If you have the right traits you can sell anyone anything. Not only will this help ensure that you will be successful, but that you will be much more successful than you could have ever imagined. Here are three personality traits of a successful business owner must have.

Be Charismatic

Having a certain charm when you talk to people is very important no matter what you are selling. Think of the last time you bought a car from a dealership. Did the cars salesman possess the following traits?

Smiling often

Warm and inviting

Laughs frequently

If he or she did all of these things then you were just talked into buying a car from someone with a very high charisma. It is important to remember that without charisma you are going to need to have some form of manager who does possess this trait, otherwise getting sales is going to be a real challenge.

High Energy

Another great personality trait of a business owner is someone who is high energy. You have to be willing to show your customers and staff that you are there to work and willing to get stuff done. If they see you are high energy some of that energy will rub off on them.

You have to be careful about being high energy though. Some people are high energy and come off as aggressive in a bad way. You never want to make anyone feel pressured or uncomfortable, so be high energy but be aware of how you are acting on it.


If you have ever worked somewhere or went to a business where the owner didn’t seem to care, it probably made you uncomfortable. No one wants to be around someone who is not dedicated to what they do.

Also, why should you care about using their services or buying their products if they do not seem to care about it? Maybe they do not believe in themselves or what they are selling. If you do not want to be viewed in that manner, you have to make sure that your dedication is shining through.

When you own a company you have to be willing to show everyone there, including customers, how dedicated you are to what you do. Let everyone see how knowledgeable you are and how hard you worked to achieve your goals. If they see that you care it will rub off on them and you will see a more positive environment in your company.



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