3 Online Businesses You Can Start On a Budget

online businesses you can start on a budget
Written by Don Adriano

I would like to think that no one truly wants to spend their whole life working for someone else. I mean, sure, some people will, but I always like to imagine that deep down in each person is an itch for something more personal—more exciting. If you are reading this, you’re most likely one of those people. Something in you wants to step out and be your own person. Awesome! From there, you have to decide what kind of business you want to run. An online business seems like a good idea to most people, but what if you don’t have a lot of seed money? No Sweat! Here are three online businesses you can start on a budget!

1. Online Content Creation

There is no limit to the amount of content that needs to be created. People are always starting a new business, starting new blogs, creating new websites…there’s always something new being created.

So, the question becomes, what are you good at creating?

If you are a good writer, you may want to look at copywriting or content writing. There are numerous websites that you can visit, sign up for a nominal fee and start bidding on writing projects.

You can also go the old fashioned way and use LinkedIn to connect with people and see if you can find someone who needs work done.

The same goes for graphic design! There are plenty of people who need images done for their website, blog or business.

Get out there and see who needs what created!

2. Selling Goods

Some people are talented at making dresses, jewelry or painting. Others are great at woodwork. Others still are good at flipping items, buying in bulk and selling.

There is a market for each and every one of these people online!

Whether you create goods yourself or are good at selling goods for other people, you can easily set up a website or an account on Etsy or other online stores and begin selling!

If you are good at promotion and flipping things, you can buy bulk or buy older things, refurbish them and sell them on eBay or Amazon.

3. Advisory Services

If you have a particular skill for marketing, branding or even teaching, you can start an online business that services that skill.

A lot of people go out of the house for their marketing and branding and there is no need to stay local anymore to get a good plan put together.

The same goes for other skills, like music lessons or foreign languages. You can teach and your students can learn all over the world, from the comfort of your own home!

These are just a few different ideas for the types of online businesses that you can get off the ground for little to nothing! With a budget under $1000, you can get your business going and begin pulling in money in no time!

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Don Adriano

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