10 Tips to Help You Make an Impact With Your Story

Written by Don Adriano

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but there’s a lot of talk about how to use your compelling story to get more clients.

Personally, I think it’s wonderful that more business owners are attracted to the principle: story + business = impact and it’s a beautiful thing to witness when the magic happens.

But while more business owners are wondering “Hey, can my story really get me, clients?” I’d like to draw your attention for a moment to another side of storytelling that is barely getting attention: YOU.

That’s right – YOU. (Well, you knew that, right?)

The only way you can tell if your story is getting you, the client is by getting in touch with that part of your Story that feels true, real, vulnerable (Yes, I love the word “vulnerable and yes, it’s overused!).

I call it getting in touch with raw emotional energy. This first contact fires you up physically and mentally. You become eager to start the process and that energy also sustains you so you remain committed to that energy.

And when you are clear, you are empowered. When you are empowered, you are unstoppable! Makes sense?

In today’s transformative era where people don’t want to be mediocre leaders and work with a “survival of the fittest,” mindset. They, like you, want to also stay on track with their story and have it continue to empower them.

Consider these tips:

1. Be generous. Storytelling and sharing is a highly generous act. Gratitude helps deepen this process.

2. Be a detective – Be willing to get clear on the emotional triggers of your story: why do you want to tell it so badly? (don’t dig through too much because you might never share it!)

3. Be patient with the discomfort and confusion your story brings. Know that the more willing you are to sit with these feelings, the more they will subside and the “meatier” parts will eventually come.

4. Remove yourself from outcomes – they only get in your way. (Easier said than done, right?)

5. Be NOW in the stillness and silence so you can hear your story with your heart.

6. Practice bravery – it takes great courage to give voice to your story especially one you have silenced for years. So be patient. (see tip #3)

7. Be persistent – getting emotionally clear with your story requires the sweet gift of time. Keep getting clear by reflecting, journaling, and rambling – a powerful story technique.

8. Be yourself – tell your story with your heart. Don’t worry if your story doesn’t appeal to everybody; you don’t need it to; plus, you can only be yourself. This also means sharing your story (scared!) and with all your imperfections. (Yes, I know… another easier said than a done point!)

9. Trust the process of getting emotionally clear of your story to ramble, to storytelling and sharing, and let the Universe handle all the details. When you don’t trust, you end up getting in the Universe’s way. The Universe will always come in through for you. It may not be the pace you want and how you see the outcome, but such is life.

10. Be wildly creative and have fun! Storytelling is not reserved for the creative elite – everyone can access creativity at any moment. Be willing to self-express yourself for the act of self-expression itself! And the more creative risks you are willing to take with your story, the more you appeal to your client’s senses and this helps him/her see his own story is him/herself – not just your story.

About the author

Don Adriano

Founder & CEO of Freelionaire
Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Speaker and Mentor

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